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Bridging the gap between IT & Businesss to make sure that companies reach their core business in the digital Space

Who We Are

LIAM FLOW DIGITAL is a full service digital marketing agency with over 8 years experience that believes the online positioning of your brand is key to digital marketing success. Started in 2011 as Edwela and renamed in 2017 as LFD. We show you how to raise brand awareness through content that brings your brand closer to your customers.

We create integrated multichannel strategies for our clients including professional web design and development, mobile app development, graphic design, search engine marketing, content development and project management.

LIAM FLOW DIGITAL has a unique, hands-on approach to digital marketing & IT. We begin with an in-depth strategic review of your marketing strategy and IT needs in your organisation, taking the time to understand both your brand and your audience. We use the output of this analysis to create a user-focused, digital journey for your audience.